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If the chemistry is right ...

... then I know we’ll be able to achieve good things together as a coaching team!


During almost 20 years in which I’ve been working as a coach I have seen the perception of coaching change significantly. Today it is something you do because your company or organisation believes in you and wants to offer you the most targeted and tailor-made personal development available.

The majority of coaching clients I work with have biographies similar to these:

  • They are either well established, high performing senior executives who are looking to get even better at what they do and are often in a phase of taking on new tasks and greater responsibility.
  • Or they are talented young managers with a strong development prognosis who have been offered specific and tailored support with their further development as managers and leaders.

In both cases, an ideal time for a coaching process is just before or at the start of a period of transition to a new position or specific new challenge. With this in mind, the series of half-day coaching sessions I offer are typically a mixture of two key elements:

Coaching mit Paul Williams

Classical Coaching

Where we focus on aspects of behavioural style and personality which the coaching client would like to reflect upon and perhaps change and optimise, supported by an increase in self-awareness and the development of tools, methods and actions to ensure a more conscious and pro-active self-leadership.

Personalised Consulting

Where we focus on real situations from the coaching client’s daily work. We analyse these situations and challenges either retrospectively or prospectively and develop alternative ways to approach them. My role becomes that of a sparring partner, sounding board, plus coach and consultant, offering solution-oriented advice.

Paul helps people achieve their full potential!

CEO Health Care

The Book

In January 2018 I had the privilege of being able to publish my first book, co-written with my close friend and long-standing colleague Andreas Krebs. Entitled „The Illusion of Invincibility“ it looks at the rise and fall of companies and addresses the aspects of organisational leadership and self-leadership that can make the difference between long-term success and failure, all of this inspired by the dramatic story of the Inca Empire. The German edition of book is now in its third printing and has received widespread and very positive press coverage.

The very exciting news is that on November 19 2019 the English edition of our book was published! We have taken the chance to revise and update the original book, made it much more international and have included additional input and stories from new interview partners. We’re very proud of it and if you’d like to learn more about the book, please click here:

If you would like to order the book, please click here:

Amazon or Mango

Das Buch „Die Illusion der Unbesiegbarkeit“

Vita and Qualifications

  • BSc. in Biological Sciences, University of London, UK
  • 1982-1995 Various positions in International Business Operations, Marketing and General Management in Australasia, USA, the Middle East and Africa, Pharmaceutical Division, Bayer AG
  • 1995-2002 Senior Human Resources and Management Development positions in International Business Operations and Global Research and Product Development, Pharmaceutical Division, Bayer AG
  • Since 2003, Managing Partner, Paul Williams & Associates
  • Certified Coach Practitioner® (BCO Cologne, Germany) – Systemic, solution-focussed Coaching
  • Certified persolog® Interaction & Social Style Coach
  • Certified reteaming® Coach
  • Certified Conflict Dynamics® Coach


My objective was to gain more gravity and leadership presence in my team and towards the Business leaders. With the support of Paul I made a huge step forward and could really see the difference.

Senior Vice President, HR

During my time as CEO I regularly used Paul to challenge my approach to team leadership and support me in strengthening team effectiveness. Paul achieved this in a variety of ways- by designing and running excellent team effectiveness offsite meetings as well as systematically coaching a number of talents across the organization, thus helping us to improve our bench strength.

CEO, Pharmaceuticals

Paul Williams provided a very pleasant setting and was able to establish a very trusting working atmosphere from the word go. Throughout the coaching process I felt comfortable and appreciated.

Vice President, HR

I had great experience during my coaching sessions with Paul. He understands very well how to gently guide the conversations in the right direction to get the best out of every meeting for his coaching client. I strongly recommend him for the excellent support he provided at an important time in my career.

Senior Manager, Research & Development

Without the coaching sessions with Paul I would not be able to perform my new responsibility as HR leader of a team of 50 people in a major transformation process.

Senior Vice President, HR

Paul Williams’ work is characterized by the way he leads through the use of questions. As such, the end result always belongs to the individual or the team. He guides the process towards the core of the issue and then actively supports in developing solutions and their implementation. He is always extremely well prepared and I can strongly recommend working with him.

Managing Director, Pharma

Paul Williams has enormous experience as a manager and as a person. He was always able to understand the professional context of a situation and was thus able to provide me with the necessary impulses for change.

Vice President, HR

Paul has been an excellent coach and mentor to myself and my global management team for several years. He has supported the development of leadership and management skills, as well as decision making and accountability, resulting in a high level of trust and a productive and high performing team.

CEO, Biotech

Intense discussions with Paul enabled me to identify and accept my innermost ambitions regarding a potential executive position and, even more importantly, my future career.
Paul's well-structured and subtle questions guided me during my 'learning journey'. The work with Paul was and still is very valuable to me.

Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy

Paul Williams has a very human and empathetic approach to what he does. With a variety of methods and his charm he was able to help me better understand myself and the impact I have on others.

Senior Manager, HR

I have used Paul as an executive coach for talented employees with high potential and for those struggling to master the leadership challenges they faced. Paul was always able to establish a strong rapport with the people being coached and in every case helped them to be more effective. Paul helps people achieve their full potential!

CEO, Health Care

A trustful atmosphere and an empathetic approach make it easy to develop simple but very effective ideas and recommendations together. That’s coaching with Paul!

Senior Manager, Corporate Centre

Paul Williams was extremely flexible and was able to adapt to my specific needs. I was able to discuss work activities and develop various approaches with him and then try these out in my job. This provided a very practical and relevant support to my daily business.

Vice President, HR

Through his own long experience as a manager, senior HR professional and later as an executive coach, Paul Williams is able to combine classical coaching with giving direct input on leadership and organisational development questions and act also as a sparring partner, if desired. This approach, and the way in which he structures the work together makes the coaching with him not only highly effective but also very enjoyable!

Vice President, Engineering and Technology

Paul Williams’ pleasant and appreciative approach helped me develop and realise the behavioural changes needed to make me more effective in my work. Coaching at its best!

Vice President, HR

During the coaching process with Paul he did not only open my eyes to internal and external perceptions I did not realize before but enabled me with that for a complete different and more professional handling of challenging situation. This led to a more effective and more professional business attitude last but not least with more fun – but it improved also my work-life-balance in a way I could regenerate better. Most importantly, all of this is built on Paul’s trust-based and empathic approach, which makes the work with him both very pleasant and very effective.

Senior Medical Director

The Associates

Sometimes a project requires resources that go beyond those of a single person.
Paul Williams & Associates is a network of like-minded people, with varied but complementary skills and backgrounds, but a common spirit and sense of what is important in life in general and at work … and strictly in that order! We come together every so often on a project-driven basis and then return to our respective core businesses.

I have known and worked together with each of these people for many years and am happy to vouch for their integrity and the quality of their work with my own good name.

Andreas Krebs

Andreas Krebs

Andreas is a natural leader, motivator and driver, experienced at the highest levels of management, with a broad international background and an unusually self-critical and reflective working style for such a senior manager. He has an extensive network in the health care industry and is the best stakeholder manager I know.

For further information:

Johannes Toennessen

Johannes Thönneßen

Johannes is an ideas man, unconventional, challenging, occasionally provocative and always looking for new ways of doing things. He has enormous experience in developing and implementing innovative organisational development systems and tools, is an expert in interpersonal communications and is also an excellent and prolific writer.

For further information:

Jörg Middendorf

Jörg Middendorf

Jörg is a changer, a people developer, never satisfied with the status-quo, forever looking for new methods and approaches to developing himself, other people and organisations as a whole. He is an acknowledged expert in the fields of coaching, conflict management and solution-focussed mediation and his knowledge base in both people and organisational development is second to none.

For further information:

Marcus Schmitz

Marcus Schmitz

Marcus Schmitz is a pioneer in the area of family-friendly organisations, with particular focus on fathers. He is author of a number of books and articles and has become a leading authority on the topic of demographic trends and their impact on the working environment. He also offers consulting in business and organisational development and is one of the most focussed and disciplined person I know – when he decides to do something, you can be sure it will happen!

For further information:

Ines Scharf

Ines Scharf

Ines Scharf is our multi-purpose Office Manager. She keeps us organized, whether it involves office duties, website administration, general communication, accounting, logistics or the all-important office chocolate supply ... when Ines is involved, it all works!

Contact her by email:


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