The Associates

The Idea

Sometimes a project requires resources that go beyond those of a single person.

Paul Williams & Associates is a small network of like-minded people, with varied but complementary skills and backgrounds, but a common spirit and sense of what is important in life in general and at work … and strictly in that order! We come together on a project-driven basis and then return to our respective core businesses.

Each of us is an entrepreneur in some form, managing separate and successful businesses of our own. This gives us an independence in our consulting work which our clients appreciate - and it allows us to make the “we might say no” guarantee. That means, if we don’t think one or more of us can provide the right answer, we’ll tell you!

We began as colleagues during our time in industry together, became friends over time, and now we are both. We enjoy each others’ company and respect each others’ diverse skills, which is an excellent starting point for delivering high quality services and solutions to our clients.

The People

I have known and worked together with each of these people for many years and am prepared to vouch for their integrity and the quality of their work with my own good name. I have described briefly what I specifically value and admire in each of them.

Johannes Thönneßen

Johannes ThönneßenJohannes is an ideas man, unconventional, challenging, occasionally provocative and always looking for new ways of doing things. He has enormous experience in developing and implementing innovative organisational development systems and tools, is an expert in interpersonal communications and is also an excellent and prolific writer.

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Andreas Krebs

Andreas KrebsAndreas is a natural leader, motivator and driver, experienced at the highest levels of management, with a broad international background and an unusually critical and reflective working style for such a senior manager. He has an extensive network in the health care industry and is the best stakeholder manager I know.

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Jörg Middendorf

Andreas KrebsJörg is a changer, a people developer, never satisfied with the status-quo, forever looking for new methods and approaches to developing himself, other people and organisations as a whole. He is an acknowledged expert in the fields of coaching, conflict management and solution-focussed mediation and his knowledge base in both people and organisational development is second to none.

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